Public Safety - Ant Thornton for Lt Governor


Public Safety: Support Law Enforcement and Protect the 2nd Amendment

In order to attract the best people and businesses to our state, including the healthcare providers that our people need, we must address the rising crime wave in our cities. New Mexico, and Albuquerque in particular, is one of the most unsafe areas in the country.

I support our law enforcement, as they are sometimes all that stands between order and chaos. In order for law enforcement to reduce the violent crime in our communities, they need not only our financial support, but our moral support.

Crime is local and should be addressed by community policing. This requires hiring more police officers in the community working directly with state and local officials to target high crime areas. Offenders should be arrested, prosecuted, and when found guilty, jailed for their crimes. Confidence in our justice system is the only deterrent to the revolving door of repeat offenders.

Furthermore, I strongly support pro-2nd Amendment policies, which allows citizens to defend their families and their homes from criminals. This is an essential freedom which must never be infringed. But it is also a safety issue. The weak must be able to defend themselves against the strong. New Mexicans MUST be allowed to defend their homes and property.