Jobs - Ant Thornton for Lt Governor


Jobs: Bring Business to New Mexico

Any small business operating in New Mexico can tell you our state is at an extreme disadvantage compared to our neighbors because of the burden of Gross Receipts Tax (GRT). The entire thing should be repealed. We cannot wait. This tax forces any entity that wishes to do business in our state to pay an extra tax. The burden of administration and paying for this tax is too high, costing us jobs and harming small business. This policy drives away businesses that would otherwise conduct business in our state, and discourages entrepreneurship in our people. Repealing the GRT would be a huge step toward more prosperity for New Mexico.

In addition, I would advocate for the immediate elimination of state taxes on social security benefits and military pensions in order to make New Mexico an attractive retirement destination for seniors and veterans. In addition to helping the poor, many affluent retirees from across the country would otherwise be willing to relocate to New Mexico with such tax benefits and their discretionary income would boost our local economy.