Election Integrity - Ant Thornton for Lt Governor


Election Integrity: The 21st Century Secret Ballot

We must protect everyone’s sacred right to vote. I will advocate for localized pilot programs in our state to utilize blockchain technology to ensure election integrity. Blockchain technology is relatively new technology that will allow for free and fair elections, including voting from home, while preventing fraud. Blockchain technology is familiar to most people because of Bitcoin, but blockchain can be used for any kind of data transmission—not just financial information.

In its most basic form, the blockchain is a transparent distributed digital ledger that will allow us to ensure that each citizen gets one vote. Thanks to encryption and decentralization, blockchain’s database of transactions is incorruptible, and each record is easily verifiable. The network cannot be taken down or influenced by a single party because it doesn’t exist in one place. And, it maintains the confidentiality of the ballot.

The beauty of blockchain for voting is that it preserves the democratic nature of our voting, while protecting us from either localized or widespread voter fraud. This technology will allow citizens to vote from their phones, computers, and tablets, making it easier than ever to make the peoples’ voices heard.

Those without internet access will be provided ballots with unique identifiers at the polling station that can be cast in person or sent via mail. This technology will make it easier to vote, but nearly impossible to cheat (one vote and one unique ballot per registered voter) while eliminating the concerns of unreliable voting machines in future elections.

In the 21st Century, we must embrace new technologies to insure voter integrity, while maintaining a secret ballot.