Big Picture - Ant Thornton for Lt Governor


Big Picture

New Mexico is among the richest states in the nation in its natural resources, in its natural beauty, and in the cultural diversity of its people. Under decades of Democrat rule, New Mexico has sunk to the bottom in education, economic opportunity and employment. Our Democrat leadership has, for years, instilled corruption in the halls of the Roundhouse, hurled us into fiscal chaos, mortgaged our future and stripped us of many rights. This must stop!

In order to take New Mexico from last place to first place, we must first remove the corrupt leaders who are squandering our future. It stops when we say “No more!”

We need innovative leadership for the 21st century. A fresh approach requires leaders who demand more for our people, for our children, and for our future. I know that the future of New Mexico can be bright if we elevate our dismal national standing in education, adjust our policies to attract new business in our state, and make our cities safe places to live for our families.